Tuesday, December 6, 2011

First Grave on the Right by Darynda Jones

    Charley Davidson, is a part-time private investigator who helps the Albuquerque Police Department, and her Uncle Bob, solve some unsettling crimes. She is able to do this because most of the time the victim is able to tell her who committed the crime. Yep, she can see, touch, and hear dead people. She is a full-time grim reaper. Her job is to convince the victims to go into the light and leave their loved ones behind. It is not always that easy. Sometimes the ghosts want to tie up some loose ends. A dead guy, more appropriately Patrick Sussman III, appears at the bottom of Charley's bed because Angel, a thirteen-year-old departed gang-banger, told him Charley can help. Sussman and Charley find out that Sussman, along with his two other colleagues of Sussman, Ellery, and Barber, have all been murdered by a double tap to the head. The murders all lead back to a conviction a few months earlier of an innocent man. Charley along with her dead visitors will have to find the man who ties all of these murders together. However, every lead they get the APD only find more victims. On top of all of this crime, Charley is having very vivid and sexual dreams about a man from her past. He only shows up when Charley is having a near-death experience. But who is this entity that Charley can not resist and makes her down-under happy?? The truth is one thing even a grim-reaper might not be able to handle. 

    This debut was a quick and light read. Darynda Jones was able to mix humor, the supernatural, and some sizzling sexual tension to create a perfect cozy read. Whether you enjoy paranormal, young-adult, or mysteries, this read is for you. Her humor is equivalent to Grandma Mazur's in the Stephanie Plum series. I could not put this book down. I even woke up early just to finish it, and I am not a morning person! The main character is diverse and well created. Jones gave the reader enough back history to understand the development of Charley throughout her life. I have a feeling the tension between her stepmother and the rivalry between sisters will lead to an interesting future book. I can not wait to read Second Grave from the Left.

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