Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Janet Evanovich Sizzling Sixteen and Plum Spooky

Last week I decided to catch up on some of the Janet Evanovich Books. Sadly, I think I am finally with all other Plum lovers. Please end it, or please let Stephanie choose between Ranger and Morelli. Every Plum lover has their own opinion on who Stephanie should end up with. I personally want her to marry Morelli. These last two books, Stephanie has 'started' to imagining her life other than a bond enforcement agent.

In Sizzling Sixteen, Stephanie Plum has inherited her Uncle Pip's "lucky bottle." However, Stephanie can't decide if it brings good luck or bad luck, or if it doesn't necessarily bring good luck but it saves her from the bad luck. 
Biggest problem is that Vinnie, Stephanie's boss and relative, is kidnapped and held for ransom. A $789,000 ransom that increases in interest with time before it is paid. Stephanie is late on rent and has no money to her name. Stephanie, Lula, and Connie have a plan. If they can find away to rescue Vinnie, then they will be able to buy some time to come up with the money. Except, finding Vinnie in the middle of war between a bad guy and a worse guy.   While Stephanie is trying to find Vinnie, she is also trying to find new skips to bring in some money. Will the lucky bottle help?

Yes, Janet Evanovich has a way with words, and she will keep the reader entertained. From Grandma Mazar to Ranger the reader will laugh and continue reader. The problem is that Stephanie character does not grow. Book after book, she is the same person, and I am getting frustrated. 

In Plum Spooky, Diesel comes back to town. Problem is he always  wanting something. Stephanie is searching for a new jumper and the man associated with him is no other than Wulf. Wulf is another unmentionable and the reason mysterious Diesel has appeared into Stephanie's kitchen, along with a monkey. Everything about this book is spooky. 

For some reason I have never really enjoyed any of the unmentionable books. They are good fluff reads but there is no substance to them. There is more of a 'para-normal' thing to it, and Evanovich adds more humor to these. Although, I get frustrated that there is no development in the characters. I will continue to read every Stephanie Plum book. 

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