Monday, October 24, 2011

State of the Union by Brad Thor

Scot Harvath returns when an unlikely threat is blackmailing the US of A. On top of the horrific threat, the only father figure Scot has left has gone off the grid. The president asks the former Navy SEAL to disable the brilliantly orchestrated conspiracy to an end and bring back Gary Lawlor the former deputy director of the FBI. The problem is every way Harvath turns the Russians are one step ahead of him. With no other defense available to aid his wonderful country, Scot decides to take the bull by the horns and produce some strong-handed offense. But will it work? Harvath and Russian Intelligence agent Alexandra Ivanova work together to uncover the truth behind the lethal and sinister enemy from the past that wishes to bring America straight to its knees.

Of course, the nuclear war was a terrifying time but America had found a way to bring the Soviet Union a crumbling down just like the Berlin Wall. Or so they thought. What if all the Russians were doing was playing dead until the time was right to bring America to an end. Russians could then be the world's superpower like they have always wanted. Only a few obstacles stand in their way. They have thought of everything to frame America and ruin them with There is only one thing they overlooked. They under-estimated the bond between Gary Lawlor and Scot Harvath and what Harvath would do to return Lawlor to safety. Scot Harvath loves to be under-estimated.

I really do enjoy this series and I am so glad my brother and I randomly found it in a bookstore. Don't judge a book by its cover? That is exactly what we did and one of the reasons we bought the first three. I was not disappointed. Yes, the fact that a few can save the world may be a little overstreched but it is also something I enjoy reading. If I am reading and I find a paragraph I would normally roll my eyes at I just move on and try not to think of it. I'm sure there are men like Scot Harvath and his ego out there doing their own good to help our country. I love spy-thrillers and espoinage books and I believe if anyone is willing to enjoy these books they would be able to. Thor is not overly descriptive on 'manly things' like guns, ships, etc that I don't bother looking into them. He gives me enough descriptions that I am able to produce a picture without any other knowlege of the fact. Easily a 4.5-5 our of 5 star series.

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