Saturday, October 22, 2011

Path of the Assassin by Brad Thor

Scot Harvath is BACK! Scot is still trying to find everyone involved in Lions of Lucerne and everyone resposible for the death of his friends and all the other members who tried to save the President in the first book. On his quest of revenge his finds himself in the middle of a bloody mission that leads to one man- Hashim Nidal. Everyplace he finds himself in the wake of the bloody Hand of God organization which is led my no other than Hashim Nidal. It is looking that the Hand of God wants nothing more than to start away against Israel and then let the Americans fall with them. the CIA wants Hashim Nidal immobilized and Scot is brought in to assist by orders from the President. The problem is no one knows that Hashim looks like except a woman who survived a brutal hijaking. Scot has sworn to protect her at all cost and he recruits her to work for the CIA. They find themselves on a hunt to find this madman before a war is started that will ruin the world.

I thought the second book was much better than the first book by Brad Thor. I thought his writing was better and it led to a faster paced book. I found this one was much more believable (yes, one man saves the world and that will NEVER happen, but who still does not want to believe in Superman) Scot Harvath is not nearly as cocky and overly 'manly' either, which is how I described him when I read the first book. Brad Thor reminds me so much of Robert Ludlum that I find myself comparing the two. I still believe Robert Ludlum is the King of spy-thriller but I am finding myself to think Brad Thor is the Prince. Whenever I pick up a Brad Thor novel I think of the Robert Ludlum books I have read and that could book part of the reason I love Brad Thor's novels. Come on where are the Scot Harvath movies? Since they are not continuing the Bourne movies I need another outlet.

I would recommend to anyone who enjoys a good spy-thriller but also would not get to overly bothered by one man saving the world. Yes, its not believable but it fiction. Just let it happen and enjoy it.

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