Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Blowback by Brad Thor

Everything Scot Harvath has worked for to help America fight terrorism is now crashing down. If Helen Carmichael has anything to do about it, America will see the 'real' truth behind the President Jack Rutledge and Scot Harvath. It is the only way she can make sure her name is on the ballet for Vice-Presidency. Because of threats at home, Scot is sent across the world, without contact to back home, to chase an assassin and find what ancient weapon he has released upon a small tribe in Baghdad that killed American soldiers. Only one scientist remains that can help solve he mystery illness, but he was kidnapped. However, he was able to contact a colleague, Jillian Alcott, before he disappeared. Jillian will help Scot uncover the truth about Hannibal and the ancient weapon he designed to decimate the Roman Empire. There only hope is to find the scientist who was kidnapped and hopefully find an vaccine. Without out a vaccine, America will have to resort to the ultimate instrument of destruction and destroy its own people. 

The fourth addition to the Scot Harvath series by Brad Thor did not capture me the way the first three did. Yes, this was another action packed page-turner, but I just was not as captivated. Do I love everything about Brad Thor and Scot Harvath? Of course. Will I continue to read this series? Hell yes I will. 

However, I might not have been as captivated but this addition held so much more information and knowledge about Islamic cultures and Hannibal I felt like I was in a history class. And I've always loved History classes. People who love to learn things about history and Islamic cultures while in a fictional world this book is perfect. I found myself wishing I already knew this information before I read the book. 

Anyone who loves Robert Ludlum should pick up a Brad Thor book, you will not be disappointed. Yes, Scot Harvath is no Jason Bourne, but no one will EVER live up to Jason Bourne. In my opinion, since Jason Bourne is not coming back the big screen, I'm ready for Scot Harvath. Looks like I don't have to wait to much longer. :]

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